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Raising Our Voices

About Our Group

Our group meets a few times a year to plan future radio shows on 3CR Community radio Fitzroy, Victoria.

On Raising Our Voices we have chats about topics that effect people with disabilities.

So for example we might have someone come in from Centrelink and talk about pensions or Accessible Transport and then we would invite someone to come in from Public Transport Victoria and try and get change happening.

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We Want People To Join Our Group Because:

Raising our Voices is always looking for new members to join the radio voices team, take part in planning of the radio programs and interview people on radio.

All People with disabilities can apply to join the Raising Our Voices Self Advocacy Group.

Our Issues

We continue to educate people on the issues that affect people with a disability

Our issues are real issues, important to people with a disability and other people may not want to talk about these but they make a difference to our lives

We have helped to promote self-advocacy and the many self-advocacy groups in Victoria.

Raising Our Voices supports and promotes self-advocacy campaigns and helps everyone to stand up for the rights of people with a disability

Our Projects

  • We have now been broadcasting for over 30 years
  • The first program for Raising Our Voices was 17th of August 1987
  • It is the first radio show by and for people with a disability in Australia
  • We have produced two CD’s on the 30 years of Raising Our Voices Shows
  • We have educated people throughout the community on the issues that affect people with a disability
  • We have helped to promote self-advocacy and many self-advocacy groups
  • We give people with a disability a voice on the air
  • Listeners can request a copy of the show from AMIDA
  • Raising our Voices is a member of the NDIS advisory group


“Raising Our Voices has allowed me stand up to share my ideas from my own lived experience which means people listen and don’t put me down. My voice is valued and makes a difference.”

Self Advocacy Matters

It allows us to share the knowledge from our group and reaches and helps other people with a disability

Contact Person

Meeting Times

A few times a year as decided by the group

Meeting Location

  • Ross House,
    247 Flinders Lane Melbourne
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