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Speak Up Alexandra

Speak Up Alexandra is a self-advocacy group run by members of the community with complex communication issues and/or intellectual disability. We advocate not only for the needs of ourselves, but we also advocate for the needs of others with all types of disabilities in our community.

Image of committee members from Speak Up Alexandra

Our Issues

  • Transport
  • Access
  • Employment
  • Fairness
  • Equality
Image of a Speak Up Alexandra Building

Our Projects

  • White Night
  • Dangerous Deeds
  • Access for All community members (Ramps)
  • Making a DVD about Speak Up Alexandra
  • Speaking at events about the rights of people with a disability and the importance of self-advocacy
  • Organising and holding discussions with businesses and politicians regarding important issues to those with a disability in the community

Self-Advocacy Matters because

  • It’s important to have a voice within your community, regardless of having a disability
  • You should be able to live your best, most fullest life
  • You can advocate for everyone, as well as yourself
  • We want people to recognise our ability not our disability
  • We can be seen as people first


“Alexandra now has a new self-advocacy group for disabled people in our community called Speak up Alexandra.”

“Have you considered the challenges those with a disability face in our community?”

“Not all of our local shops are accessible or footpaths in good repair. Change can happen but it must involve everyone.”

Meeting Times

First Monday of every month


Meeting Location

Murrindindi Shire Council Chambers

Contact People

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