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Wollongong Self Advocacy

The Wollongong Self Advocacy Group is open to anyone who is registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

We want people to join our group because you will:

  • Build your confidence
  • Learn new things
  • Get the information you need
  • Make friends
  • Go on social outings
Picture of committee members from Wollongong Self Advocacy

Our Projects

Projects we are working on are:

  • The “My Story My Life”: We are working with the NSW TAFE and with students with learning disabilities
  • Taking part in rallies that are about disability around Illawarra
  • Going to the VALID conference and the SARU conference
  • Networking with a group in Shoalhaven
  • Working with the local council and talking about making the community accessible

Our Issues

The issues we care about include:

  • Standing up for our rights
  • Legal matters
  • Justice and the law
  • Transport

Self Advocacy Matters

Self advocacy matters because:

  • We all matter and we need to be heard.
  • We can spread the word and support others.


“Stop discrimination.”

“People need to understand our disability because there is a mis-diagnosis of disabilities.”

Meeting Times

Once a month in Wollongong

Contact People

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