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Self Advocacy Videos

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Self Advocacy Working with Government

Rainbow Rights

The Drummond St Ballad

Parents with a Disability

Keeping It Simple

ABI and Community

Declarations of Independence

If I was Prime Minister

My Story

It's The Way to Be

ABI and Nursing Homes

Essendon Man

Oh Rhys Has Got

Self Advocacy and Local Government

Strong and Powerful

Self Advocacy and Government

Self Advocacy Matter For Communities

Listen To Us

Melbourne through the Eyes of a Friend

Reinforce Talk About Voice at the Table

Profile Voice at the Table

My Message for the Future

An Equal Voice

Self Advocacy Matters 3

Rainbow Rights Anthem

What Does BIM Do For You?

Why is BIM Needed

QDN Self Advocacy 2

QDN Self Advocacy Group Processes

QDN Self Advocacy 1

Loud and Clear Deb

Loud and Clear Allycia

Loud and Clear Tim


National Self Advocacy Anthem

What has changed for you since your ABI?

What is an ABI?

What has changed for you since acquiring your brain injury that you love?

What does BIM mean to you?

What is Self Advocacy?

A Privileged Life

We Have a Voice

We Have Rights

A Gentle Man Doug Pentland Dedication All Text Read

Disability Culture Rap

A Message to Service Providers

Weave Movement Theatre Text Read

Lous and Clear Speaking at a Conference

Talk by Touch

Talk by Touch Audio Description

Self Advocacy Matters

Barrier Buster

Valued Lives

The Happy Song

Windy Day

Terry's Tale

Building a Community

Diversity n Disability


One Voice

Rights are Important

Sink or Swim

Broke His Crown

Out of Hiding

Joining a Group

Express Yourself

Self Advocacy History

Changing Cultures

Listen to Us

Rights Under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability UNCRPD

Community Partnerships

Self Advocacy Matters 3

State Trustees

An Ordinary Life

Tips for Inclusive Meetings with Brain Injury Matters

Great to See You Man

Meetings The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Conference Highlights

NAIDOC 2018: Because of Her We Can

ADPG - Winanga-Li's story from the field

What Keeps Me Strong - First Peoples Disability Network

Presentation to the Deadly Deaf Mob Conference 2015

National Self Advocacy Anthem

Voice at the Table What's it All About

How to Include Everyone in a Meeting

Sister Rocks

Speak Up Alexandra

ABI Super Power

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