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Adelaide People First

Adelaide People First is run by and for people labelled as having an intellectual disability. We are driven by the values of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

People should join our group because we advocate for systemic change and about issues such as:

  • Closing institutions
  • The right for people with intellectual disability to live in the community
  • The right to a good life
picture of Adelaide People First committee members sitting together

Our Issues

The main issue we care about is ensuring the government undertakes a royal commission into abuse, neglect and violence in institutional and residential settings.

picture of Adelaide People First committee members

Our Projects

We run forums about:

  • How the NDIS works
  • How to access the NDIS
  • How to make sure service providers change the way they do things and do not continue old institutionalise practices.
picture of Adelaide People First committee members on couch

Self advocacy matters because:

  • It is driven by our collective voice
  • It is about getting together and supporting each other
  • We can share our skills, knowledge and experiences
  • It leads to systemic changes in governments, services and communities

Meeting Times

1st Friday of each month

Contact People

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