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Diversity n Disability

Diversity and Disability (DnD) is a self advocacy group run by and for people with disabilities from CALD backgrounds. For members, DnD provides us with a safe place to meet with peers who face similar issues and barriers to their own. One member described DnD as her ‘special place.’ We feel strongly that there needs to be increased opportunities for people with a disability from CALD backgrounds to be involved in self advocacy.

We want people to join our group because you can:

  • Learn new skills
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Become empowered
  • Learn about your rights in everyday life

Our Projects

DnD projects include:

  • Speak Up against Abuse – Violence and abuse cards
  • Dangerous Deeds and the accessible community arts project, which tell stories from the disability rights movement
  • Accessibility awareness projects
  • Development of a DnD story book

Our Issues

The issues DnD care about include the need for:

  • Human Rights training and resources
  • Disability awareness training resources for facilitators and staff
  • Recurrent funding for the group


“People with a disability want the same opportunities in life as everyone else.”

“Speak up, be heard and make a difference for yourself and others.”

Self Advocacy Matters

Self advocacy matters because it is about:

  • Independence, self determination and making the most of our own potential
  • Developing decision making skills to use in everyday life

Contact People

Meeting Times

We hold meetings every 2nd Thursday each month


Meeting Location

20 Victoria Cres
St Albans, VIC 3021

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