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Positive Powerful Parents Victoria

Positive Powerful Parents (PPP) is a self advocacy group run by and for parents with an intellectual disability. If you are a parent with an intellectual disability, contact us. If you have kept your children, tell us how you have been successful. If you haven’t kept your children, come along too. There are plenty of us who have not kept our kids. You are not alone!!!

We want people to join our group because:

  • Being a member of the Positive Powerful Parents Self Advocacy Group Makes you feel that you are not alone
Picture of Powerful Positive Parents committee members

Our Projects

  • PPP projects include:
    • The “Hand in Hand” partnership project
    • Producing an album of self advocacy songs for parents with a disability
    • Making a film about the issues faced by parents with an intellectual disability
    • Planning and holding forums
Picture of Positive Powerful Parents committee members

Our Issues

The issues PPP care about include:

  • Parents with a disability not being able to keep their children
  • Teaching child protection workers that we can learn with the right support

Self Advocacy Matters

Self advocacy matters because:

  • We need a voice so parents at long last can stand up and say how they really feel without fear of discrimination

  • We think that parents with an intellectual disability can be successful parents

  • We are developing decision making skills to use in everyday life

Group Information

Our meetings are hosted by different disability service providers from across Southwest Victoria

Contact People

Meeting Times

We hold meetings every 2nd Wednesday.

Meeting times: 10.30 – 12.30

Meeting Locations

Ross House
247 Flinders Lane,

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