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Power of Self Advocacy Group

Power of Self Advocacy Group committee membersThe Power of Self Advocacy is group that allows its participants to learn and use different skills that assist them to advocate for themselves and the local disabled community.

What we do

We hold meetings that look at issues that are important to us each week, and work towards making changes about our group or community. We also have guest speakers visit and go on excursions that are related to Self Advocacy, or build team work between us.

picture of power of self advocacy group sitting togetherOur Issues

  • Making a safer crossing at Lloyd Street in Moe; so that the disabled community, elderly and the wider community can always cross the crossing without harm.
  • Working towards getting safer and better access between Moe’s supermarkets for disabled people.
  • Learning about anti-bullying and bullying prevention.

…And much more.

Self Advocacy Matters

Self Advocacy Matters to us because:

We have a right to have a say about our lives and about the community.


“Self Advocacy is more than word searches on the Internet and there are more than 5 different types of self-advocacy.”

Contact People

Coming soon

Meeting Times

Fridays between 09:00 and 15:00 during school terms.

Meeting Locations

Moe Life Skills
2a High St Moe
Victoria 3825.

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