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Sister Rocks Self-Advocacy Group

sister rocks committee member holding up sign 'right to be safe'We are a group of adults with a disAbility, who are supported by our local disAbility advocacy organisation. We are heading in to our 6th year and enjoy meeting every month and hearing members’ stories. We support IDPWD by having a stall, advertising what we do and what our interests are, hoping to attract new members. We have also had the Victorian Electoral Commission talk to us about enrolling to vote, explaining the procedures and giving demonstrations on the process.

Sister rocks you have rights imageOur Projects

We are currently planning, making and printing a booklet to help our wider community recognise and interact with us in a more positive way. The booklet is about “Problems and their Solutions”. Its main aim is to help us fit into society by helping others understand us.

Our Issues

Living in a rural area in the middle of Western Victoria we find that public transport is semi adequate within the towns but not very good when travelling to larger towns and cities. It usually means an overnight stay in the city, which means additional costs for country folk.

Affordable and suitable public housing within the country areas for the future is also a major concern to our group.

Self-Advocacy Matters:

Because it helps us to learn new things and gives us a voice, to help us within our work places, day programs, our social groups and our family lives. It makes us feel great as we stand up for ourselves.

Quotes: –

“The right to be safe.”

“The right to speak our mind.”

“The right to be able to go places and visit friends.”

“The right to have new, suitable and affordable housing.”

Contact People

Deb Verdon – eo@grampiansadvocacy.org.au

Jenni Starick – jenniclu@gmail.com 

Meeting Times

We hold meetings the 3rd Thursday each month

Meeting: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Meeting Locations

Stawell Health and Community Centre

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