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NDIS Resources

NDIS LogoWelcome to your NDIS journey. The NDIS is a new way for people with disability to get support.


NDIS BookletThis section of the website contains resources and information which will help you to understand the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) including:


What is NDIS

  • Planning Booklets
  • Links to NDIS resources and information
  • Videos

Know Your RightsYour Rights

If you have a disability you can apply to get help and fundingYou Have a Right To imagefrom the NDIS. It is very important for you to know and understand your rights under the NDIS.

You have the right to:

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  1. Have an advocate or support person with you when you  are talking to the NDIS. You also have the right to choose  your own advocate or support person.
  2. Get NDIS information in ways you can understand  including easy English, audio etc.
  3. Say what you want in your NDIS plan
  4. Complain or to ask for a review if you are unhappy with  an NDIS decision including:

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  • not letting you join the NDIS
  • not getting the funding or support you think you need
  • not getting what you wanted in your plan
  • not changing your plan when you ask them to.

You can also ask your support worker or advocate to help you to complain or to ask for a review.

  1. Complain if the NDIS staff or service provider does not do  what they said they would do. If this happens you should  contact a disability advocacy service near you.

Click here to find a disability advocacy service:    

For more information about your rights click here:

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