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CALD Community

CALD Community committee members sitting outsideWhen you are a person with a disability from a CALD background there are whole other layers of barriers and added complexities on top of the ones faced already by people with disability. 

For example:

  • Some people experience disability discrimination along with racism mixed in.
  • There is often a sense of shame for people with disability of self and family, which flows on to exclusion and isolation from community.
  • Complex communication needs leave you out of the loop feeling lost and excluded, when interpreting services are not innately a part of a service or organisation, but more of an afterthought or on a needs basis.

CALD Community committee member giving speechSpeaking up for yourself and self advocacy are a foreign concept because of the western approaches adopted by groups and organisations. People with a disability from a CALD background want the same opportunity to speak out, build capacity and have influence over their communities. 

People with disability from a CALD background are the same, but different. Self advocacy can help people to get to know the difference.

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