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People with Intellectual Disability from the LGBTIQA+ community

LGBTIQA Community Committee member sitting at eventPeople with an intellectual disability who identify as LGBTIQ are invisible. We face many barriers, both in the broader community as well as the LGBTIQ community. Some of the issues we face include not being given information in accessible formats, we are not recognised, we don’t have access to information about sexuality, we are seen as non-sexual human beings, we often live in group homes where people either don’t understand us or they are intolerant or they even abuse us. This is not just with other residents but also some staff.

image of couple at park with arms around each otherBreaking down barriers that have existed for a long time is a slow and hard thing to do. This work will require commitment, patience and a lot of hard work from Rainbow Rights and the strength that comes from people gathering together in a group. It will also mean that partnerships and networks need to be developed to help this change come about. Big change can’t happen without the support of like-minded groups and organisations.

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